Upcoming Executive Condo (EC) Sites in 2024: Which New EC Should You Go For

Executive Condo (ECs) have caught the eye of many homebuyers lately, with only a few unsold units available now unfortunately. Let’s take a closer look at the latest EC launches and what’s coming up for potential buyers.

Recent Executive Condo launches include


Ola EC is a new launch Executive Condominium located at Anchorvale Crescent, Sengkang, Singapore. OLA is a Spanish-Themed Residence, with inspiration from Real Madrid Foundation Football School and Eva Armisen. The development is situated near to Cheng Lim LRT Station and Sengkang MRT Station. OLA Executive Condominium comprises of 548 luxurious residential units, which are spread over 9 blocks of 16-Storey. With a large land size of 184,465 sqft, there are full condominium facilities at OLA Development, including Tennis Court, Gymnasium, 50m Lap Pool, Spa Forest, and various Dining Pavilion and Lush Landscaping. The Architectural Design of OLA EC brings out the natural strengths of its excellent location.

Parc Canberra:

Parc Canberra EC is a new Executive Condominium, located at Canberra Walk, Singapore. Parc Canberra Executive Condominium comprises of 496 residential units, spread over 194,189 sqft of prime land. Parc Canberra Executive Condominium comprises of 496 residential units, spread over 194,189 sqft of prime land. The successful bidder Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments had submitted the highest bid of $271million ($558 psf ppr). There are full condominium facilities spread over the development area, including 50m Lap Pool, Gymnasium, Tennis Court, and various Dining Pavilions and Lush Landscaping.

Parc Central Residences:

Central Residences is a new launch Executive Condominium (EC), located at Tampines Street 86, Singapore. Parc Central Residences Executive Condominium comprises of 11 Blocks of 16 Storey Towers, with a total of 700 luxurious residential units. This project offers a multitude of condominium facilities, including an expansive 50m Quarry Pool, Gymnasium, Tennis Court, Play Court with Futsal Nets, Duo BBQ Pavilion, Fitness IPPT Stations, Jogging Trail, Basketball Half-Court, Trampoline Trail, Teppanyaki Pavilion, Community Garden, Children Pool, and the Clubhouse.

Parc Greenwich:

Greenwich Executive Condo is a new launch Executive Condominium, located at Fernvale Lane, Singapore. Parc Greenwich comprises of 9 blocks of 14 storey towers, providing a total of 496 residential units. There is a wide range of excellent floorplan layout in the development, from 2 Bedroom Deluxe 786sqft to 5 Bedroom Luxury 1,679sqft. With different floor levels, and pool/panoramic views to select from, there is an ideal unit for every family size and preference.

Provence Residence:

Provence Residence EC is a new Executive Condominium (EC), located at Canberra Crescent, Singapore. Provence Residences Executive Condominium comprises of 5 Blocks of 13-Storeys & 4 Blocks of 11-Storeys, with a total of 413 luxurious residential units. With a large land area of 179,651sqft, there are myriad condominium facilities, such as Arrival Court, Family Pool, Gym Room, Function Room, 50m Lap Pool, Topiary Walk, Secret Court, Boutique Lawn Garden, Dining Pavilion, Jogging Track, Sky Lounge, and Half-Basketball Court.

North Gaia:

North Gaia is a new Executive Condominium launch, located at 25 Yishun Close, Singapore 769341. North Gaia comprises of 11 blocks of 14 storeys each, North Gaia offers a total of 616 luxurious residential units. Situated on a vast land size of 231,576 sqft, residents have access to a wide range of over 60 condominium facilities. These include a 50m lap pool, 50m leisure pool, gymnasium, clubhouse function rooms, entertainment room, jogging path, co-working space, party room, adventure playground, tennis court, and garden pavilions. The abundance of amenities ensures that residents can enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle within the development

Copen Grand:

Copen Grand EC is a new launch Executive Condominium, located at Tengah Garden Walk, Singapore. Copen Grand Executive Condo comprises of 12 Blocks of 14-Storey Towers, offering a total of 639 luxurious residential units. Occupying 237,032 sqft of prime land, residents can enjoy a bevy of condominium facilities. Facilities include the 50m Lap Pool, Gymnasium, Tennis Court, Recreation Club (Co-Working Space, Games Room, Clubhouse 1 & 2), Kids’ Play & Pool, Garden Club (Exercise Lawn, Lush Garden), and various Landscaping throughout the condo.


Tenet Executive Condo is an exciting new Luxury Executive Condominium (EC) launch, located at 71 Tampines Street 62, Singapore 529699. Positioned in the emerging residential area near the upcoming Tampines North MRT Station, Tenet EC is the first and highly anticipated Executive Condo development in this vibrant neighborhood. The Tenet Executive Condominium comprises of 11 blocks of 15-storey towers, housing a total of 618 luxurious residential units. Spanning across a substantial linear land plot of 256,172 square feet, the development offers residents a wide range of condominium facilities. These include a 50-meter lap pool, a 66-meter infinity pool, a Clubhouse in the Sky, a Courtyard Clubhouse, K Studio, an Entertainment Room, a Piano Room, a Music Room, Function Rooms, a Sports Court, a Gym, Lawn Bowling facilities, and various Garden Pavilions. The lush landscaping throughout the condominium adds to the overall ambience of the development.

These properties have attracted a lot of interest from buyers looking for modern and comfortable homes.

Limited and Rare Unsold Units of ECs You Should Go For in 2024:

As of February 2024 only a few ECs still have unsold units. Notably, Parc Canberra, North Gaia, and Tenet are among them. Despite their popularity, there are still chances for interested buyers to get a unit in these sought-after developments.

North Gaia: Peaceful Living in Yishun

North Gaia, located near Sungei Khatib Bongsu, offers residents lovely views of greenery, giving them a quiet escape from city life. While the nearest MRT station, Yishun MRT, needs a short bus ride, the convenience of nearby amenities like Junction 9 mall adds to its charm. Families will appreciate its proximity to several primary and secondary schools.

Tenet: Convenience and Connectivity in Tampines

Tenet EC boasts great connectivity, being close to the upcoming Tampines North MRT station and other nearby MRT stations like Pasir Ris and Tampines. Residents can enjoy shopping and dining at nearby malls like White Sands, Tampines One, and Tampines Mall. Families will find convenience in nearby primary schools like Elias Park Primary and Tampines North Primary.

Upcoming Executive Condos in 2024: What’s Next?

Looking ahead, there are several new EC launches expected, providing more options for homebuyers. Developments such as:

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8,

Bukit Batok West Avenue 5

 Tampines Street 62 (Parcel B)

are anticipated to offer modern living spaces with convenient amenities and transportation access.

Entering the World of Executive Condominiums (ECs): Learn the Key Factors, Trends, and Upcoming Launches:

1. What makes ECs a preferred choice among homebuyers in Singapore?

Executive condominiums (ECs) are favored because they provide a mix of affordability and modern living, appealing to a broad range of homebuyers.

2. How has the popularity of ECs impacted the real estate market in recent years?

The demand for ECs has brought increased activity to the real estate market, with more people expressing interest in these homes.

3. Can you elaborate on the features that have attracted significant interest from buyers in the latest Executive Condo launches?

Buyers are drawn to the modern and comfortable living spaces offered by the latest EC launches, such as Ola, Parc Canberra, Parc Central Residences, and others.

4. What are the key considerations for potential buyers when choosing between the available ECs, such as location, amenities, and connectivity?

When deciding between ECs, potential buyers should consider factors like location, available amenities, and how well-connected the area is to transportation.

5. How do upcoming EC launches in 2024 contribute to the diversity of choices for homebuyers in Singapore?

Upcoming EC launches, like Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 and Tampines Street 62 (Parcel B), are expected to offer more choices, providing a diverse range of options for homebuyers.

6. In what ways do developments like Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 and Tampines Street 62 (Parcel B) enhance modern living spaces for residents?

These developments enhance modern living by providing convenient amenities and good transportation access, making them attractive for potential residents.

7. What role do transportation access and connectivity play in the decision-making process for individuals considering an EC purchase?

Transportation access is crucial, with proximity to MRT stations and malls like White Sands, Tampines One, and Tampines Mall being significant factors for potential buyers.

8. Are there any notable trends or shifts in buyer preferences when it comes to ECs, and how do these influence the design and offerings of new launches?

Current trends show that buyers are looking for ECs that not only offer a comfortable home but also provide good access to transportation and nearby facilities, influencing the design of new launches.

9. How do Executive Condos address the needs and preferences of families, considering factors like nearby schools, green spaces, and community facilities?

ECs cater to families by being close to schools, green spaces, and community facilities, creating a family-friendly environment.

10. Considering the limited unsold units in the market, what advice would you give to potential buyers to navigate the competitive landscape of EC purchases?

Potential buyers should stay informed about upcoming launches, consider their preferences carefully, and act promptly to secure a unit in the competitive EC market due to limited unsold units.


Executive condominiums continue to be a popular choice among homebuyers in Singapore, with limited unsold units in the market. Whether it’s the peaceful ambiance of North Gaia or the convenience of Tenet in Tampines, there are options to suit various preferences and lifestyles. With upcoming launches on the horizon, there are more opportunities for buyers to find their ideal home in the vibrant landscape of Singapore’s real estate market.

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